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All who is not indifferent: Support of the project "Guide dogs"

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"All who is not indifferent: Support of the project "Guide dogs"" a team to help the undefined...


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Charitable Foundation "virtue" is working on numerous social projects to help those who need it, that is, ordinary people around us that we often do not notice, in passing, holy confidence that this is not our business, that help them, we can not. We hasten to reassure you of this, because we believe that each of us has the chance to make these people happy.
One of the social projects of the foundation is dedicated to the rehabilitation of visually impaired people through the establishment of special schools for the training of guide dogs. Way of such an intelligent assistant to his sightless master in our country is really long and thorny. Why is this happening? Why overseas Blind people providing guide dogs is a necessity, and in post-Soviet countries - a luxury.
The very process of the preparation of the four-legged assistants laborious and long. Dog breeds, of which have an excellent guide, numerous. And only about 25 dogs out of a hundred selected puppies eventually reach the goal. In addition, each dog is adjusted for a particular person and this way to each other may take years. There are cases where people who need a guide, has been on the waiting list for over 7 years. This live their lives years!
The process of training is also not simple. Apart from the necessary character traits in a dog to foster the skills necessary for her future life with the blind master. Within the walls of a special agency assistant to teach adherence to the chosen route, do not respond to other animals, easy to behave in public places and to prevent a host of obstacles in the way.
Only then assistant gets to his blind master and together they begin a new life. From that moment a guide dog is a real member of the family, this is especially important if unseeing man is alone and has no relatives. In this situation, a dog is the only chance for a normal life. But no less important is the presence of the dog, and in a complete family. Guide dogs - an integral part of the rehabilitation of the visually impaired. They help their owners to feel independent again and able to start a new chapter of his life.
In Russia, these helpers are preparing for a long time and quite successfully. There are proven and working methods, people who willingly do their work, volunteers, selflessly helping fund, but as banal as it may sound, the main problem is the lack of resources and funding. The process of preparing these dogs are very expensive, and, unfortunately, their age is not long. One blind man for his life will take a few of these aides. How many of them are just waiting for their turn!
Of vision loss, alas, no one is safe, as well as from a serious injury or illness. Contribute to a good cause. So you can make the life of Blind people safer. Care and compassion you can show ever!

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Andrey Pisanenko Andrey Pisanenko