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"Akilah's PineappleFillers" is a team working to raise scholarship funds for the Akilah Institute for Women


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I am never one to do anything in a public way and I am the last person to ask for anything...however this cause has inspired me so much that I am moved to act...to get out of my comfort zone.

I followed the news of the Rwandan genocide during the 1990s...but then it faded from the headlines and my conciousness. The attrocities of Rwanda's holocaust came roaring back into my conciousness earlier this year went I read a book on marion apparitions in the early 1980s that warned of the genocide...then I read article about Elizabeth Dearborn Davis' work to help young women survivors of the genocide rebuild their lives by co-founding the Akilah Institute for Women. You can learn more in this article about Elizabeth's work From Tampa To Rwanda With Love: School Rises From Ruins http://www.83degreesmedia.com/features/rwanda092110.aspx

Then I met Elizabeth and 2 of her students in person and was even more moved to act by their inspiring story of reconciliation, forgiveness and hope. There is something special and positive happening in Rwanda...and this time I believe we can not sit back as spectators but become enablers to the positive side of a horrific event in this country's recent history. As Noella Abijuru, one of the students that I met with Elizabeth puts it: "1994 will forever remain imprinted in my memory. We need to educate our new generation about what happened even as we forge ahead with nation building. Yes, I must say that it is difficult, but somehow one must gather the strength to carry on with the mission I seek for a better life ahead." See Noella tell her story in this video clip http://gpiis03.law.stetson.edu/media/on-demand/rwanda_2011/index.html

Dianne Worrel and I, have joined together to help this school and we hope that you will be moved by this cause to do the same. We are 2 accomplished women professionals who are driven by our desire to do our part to make the world a better place for others. We are motivated by Akiliah Institute for Women's vision and mission to equip young woman survivors of Rwanda's genocide, many of whom were orphaned by the attrocity, with education and the opportunity to have a future where their dreams are possible. The school is helping these young survivors to chart a new positive destiny for Rwanda and be the next generation of leaders giving back to their country in ways that will help to create a brighter future for Rwanda. Akilah exists against the backdrop of the compelling story of reconciliation and forgiveness in Rwanda...my team is moved to help this school to provide the opportunity for a bright future for young women, who, without the school will face a future without hope, without the ability to fulfill their dreams, and without means to put their God-given gifts to work for the greater good of their country. Please visit Akilah's website at www.AkilahInstitute.org to learn more about how the school is impacting the lives of its students.

My team's initial goal is to raise $6000US for Akilah's scholarship fund for the 2012 school year. The $6000US raised will allow us to sponsor 2 students for a full year of expenses which includes tuition, lunch (which may be the only meal they have per day), transportation, extra curricular activities and textbooks. To this end we have committed our selves to a doing activities that will take us out of our comfort zones and where necessary test our personal endurance in order to raise money for Akilah. Included in these activities is running in major marathons. One of our team members, Ms. Dianne Worrel, is a fitness trainer and is preparing to run the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica this coming December. Dianne has dedicated her marathons to provie scholarships for Akilah's students. I will cook for someone in need each month during our scholarship campaign.

Every child in the world deserves the chance for an education that prepares them to lead productive lives, however, for some there is not even the chance...Akilah is giving young women survivors of the Rwanda's genocide that chance...JOIN US IN GIVING THEM THAT CHANCE!

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Erma Charles Erma Charles

  1. Erma CharlesErma Charles 10/03/2011 at 07:11 PM ET
    We are off and running...literally!