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"Advocates at MSU" a team to help the ADVOCATES FOR WORLD HEALTH...


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Who we are

Advocates for World Health’s vision is to improve the quality and delivery of health care in the developing world. Currently, AWH is focusing its efforts on brokering medical supplies abroad to charitable organizations that provide services to underserved populations. By providing foreign health care providers with the necessary medical materials, AWH will assist these institutions in reducing the costs of their overhead, focus their efforts on delivering better, more affordable health care, and offer more services to a larger population. Countries that have received medical donations to date include Guatemala and Haiti.

Why improve health care access?

Global disparities in health care access have far reaching consequences. Populations that do not have adequate access are predisposed to living in poverty and having poor health. Millions of people each year die in the developing world due to preventable diseases. Likewise, according to WHO nearly 80% of the burden from noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, occur in low and middle income countries. These conditions which perpetuate poverty are correctable.

By reducing this disparity, what are the effects?

By giving an individual their health, they are enabled to partake in the seemingly simple things in life. From emphasizing love in one’s family, to sustaining one’s environment, to contributing to a community’s infrastructure. By improving health on the individual level, changes in the aggregate can be realized. A community can experience increases in labor productivity, higher educational attainment, and robust economic growth. Good health is necessary for the functioning wheel of society.

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  1. Ryan KaniaRyan Kania 09/18/2011 at 05:39 PM ET
    I can't wait to get this rolling guys!