Adult Training Program (Fall 2014)


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Help me raise $1000 for Running for a Better Oakland as I train with the team for the Let's Go 510 5k race on October 25th!

Oakland youth are confronted daily with problems of obesity, crime, and under-funded schools. I want to be part of a solution, so I am training with the youth from Running for a Better Oakland for the 5K race at Let's Go 510 on October 25th. In addition to training and getting to know the participants, I am raising money for RBO to provide scholarships to those participants who need it most.

RBO is a non-profit organization that encourages kindergarten through 12th grade students to develop healthy lifestyles through running. With the support of positive adult Run Mentors, RBO youth set goals, train hard, and build confidence during the program season, and then carry those skills on to the rest of their lives.

The primary factor critical to the success of the program is to ensure an RBO community that reflects the demographics of Oakland. It is imperative that we structure our organization so money is never a barrier to participation. Your donation will support our efforts to maintain a diverse group of students where any child who wants to join, may do so.

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Jen Vedock Jen Vedock