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ACTS works with our local Honduran partners to promote sustainable programs for health, education, agriculture and economic development


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Our focus is on community development as a whole. Health, education, infrastructure development and economic sustainability all fall within the broad topic of “community development.” We address immediate needs of the community, build infrastructure, and transfer skills to help people become more independent.

We recognize local leadership as a key element of community development. We support programs that encourage learning and leadership among the adult and youth communities.

We pay attention to people with special needs. For the most part, ACTS and its partners focus on programs that help broad sectors of the communities, but there are individuals who have special needs, mostly medical needs that exceed the ability of their community to address. In these cases, we seek to match those individuals with resources in Honduras or elsewhere who can help.

The people of El Rosario and surrounding villages are our primary partners. They decide what is most important to them, and for the most part, they are the ones who carry out what is needed. We are fortunate to have other partners as well, people and organizations who can bring their specialized interests and skills to the area.

ACTS volunteers are ordinary folks who believe we can make a difference.

It takes time. ACTS has been working in Honduras since 1986. El Rosario is a very different community from what it was when we first visited. We rejoice to see past investments of ACTS and our partners yielding dividends in El Rosario and more recently in the surrounding communities. Successes, yes, but there is much more to do!

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