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We work to protect the basic rights and promote the life of Chin indigenous people in the India-Myanmar border area.


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We reach out to the neediest indigenous people in the least developed rural border communities for impartial small-scale assistance in the fields of basic needs in order to build a just, peaceful, and humane society.

No single penny of your aid will go wasted. It will really reach your beneficiaries and meet their needs. Even the smallest of your contribution will make a big difference for the needy. No doubt!

Your generosity can change their lives. In the near future, your donation will help us serve the poor better than we are serving them right now.

For examples:

Donation for Water
Absolutely 100% of your gift goes directly to building wells. Each $ 15 can give one person clean, safe drinking water for 20 years. And each $ 90 monthly gift can give a family of 6 clean water for 20 years.

Donation for Plant
Do you want to plant a tree oversea? One dollar, one tree. Plant now - one tree at a time or through a monthly gift. You can plant 100 trees for $ 100. You can create a mini-forest oversea.

Sponsorship for Student
Many students cannot finish primary school due to extremely poverty. $ 15 covers a student’s monthly fees for schooling, tuition, and stationary. Subsidize a student for $ 120 for one whole academic year.

Donation for Toilet
Imagine people in the remote areas living without toilets. $ 5 can provide a family of 6 to 10 with a toilet bowl and pipe. $ 25 may build a low cost yet decent toilet for one household for five years.

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