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"A turn-around chance for a better tomorrow" a team to help the YES WE CAN FOR PROGRESS INC...

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Yes we can for progress a 501 C 3 non-profit humanitarian organization committed, dedicated to easing the burdens of poverty on children, homeless and at risk young women suffering in silence, born and living the vicious cycle of poverty. "Babies having babies". Opportinities for change are rare, with danger and negative influences lurking around every corner. These young women and children often live without access to medical care, qualitiy education, adequate housings. Their bare, callouse feet, tattered clothes tell the story of their circumstances. They struggle various ways to make ends meet , it's all to common for these empovorished individuals to go to bed hungry.

You can sponsor a child or a young mother today to assist us in reaching common goals: Helping these unfortunate individuals to grow into responsible healthy, educated and self reliant adults. For many education is a luxury , lacking such things as school supplies or uniform can keep a poor child from attending school.

Help us make positive life change with real help for real people. Changes that will lead to strong sense of self achievment, independence and direction. It's never too late. Yes we can for progress.

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Mireille Leroy Mireille Leroy

Provide A Turn-Around Chance for a better tomorrow today,Rebuilding a country is a long-term process..