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A Mother's Love... for women who have had to hide in shame and fear"


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Just beginning, but for battered women's shelter's. A program for women to give them a sense of purpose: a job that they can make as much as they want to make, build a job history and bring these marginalized women back into the work force to live and work with self confidence, high self esteem and accomplishment.

Validating that these women suffered under the hand of the men who brutally beat them again and again for no purpose other than to force women into submission, prostitution, drug use and sales, homelessness, and beaten to just simply be dominated ny the men who did this to these innocent women.

Positions will be offered in the structure of the business operations, but atleast 80% of the colected money will directly go to the battered women's shelters, their programs and outreach to the community.

Operating a not for profit company with just 20% of the sales will necessarily warrant frugal yet prudent leadership. Leaders who have been in the shelter's and have recovered, and prospered through the program.

Financial oversigth is mandatory, and as with any start up business, the founders will generally not be paid. That is, until the revenue of the program reaches a point where modest salaries and administrative costs can be renumnerated. Small staff with the responsibility to guide and prove to the women in these shelters have value to the world and their community.

We see this as being a small start up, but through the "network" of battered women's shelters in the local, state, national and even Canadian shelters, funds to operate will rise to the level of self-suffiency. Leadrship from withn, empowerment, hope, support and above all else, LOVE.

We model this organization an a fashion similar to Girl Scout Cookies sales and fund raising but offer products year round so we will have to print a catalog, build a website, build a supply chain for production to delivery at the lowest possible and prudent cost. We will audit from within evry quarter, and have full discloser made available to the IRS, the public, business sponsors and in house policy and procedures to verify our benchmark of 80% of net proceeds will be paid to the sales person or shelter as situations dictate.

We are forming this organization as an IRS Code 501(c)(3) tax deductible organizational model, and will have proper legal representation (pro bono), financial monitoring/auditing, supervisory staff and leadership to ensure that the core mission is attained and continued throughout the life of the business, and, being perpetual, no vision of ending.

Honesty, integrity, determination, motivation, and self-esteem are core building blocks to create a Not-for-Profit organization that grows quickly, and truly helps battered women and their shelters.

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Roland Tucker Roland Tucker