4th Annual Viva Fund

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Viva Fund: Supporting Youth in El Salvador

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Jeanne Muller fundraising for the 4th Annual Viva Fund. Support Salvadoran Youth!

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Marianella Aguirre

Fourth Annual Summer Viva Fund Campaign

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Invest in the next generation of leaders in El Salvador

“For me, what motivates me to work with youth is believing in each and every one of them. It is my goal to create a space for young people where they can fully show the qualities and capacities that they possess. This country is full of youth- believing in them means believing in ourselves.”

Tulio Moya Marravilla, Youth program coordinator

Since 2002, EcoViva has supported youth programming in the Lower Lempa region of El Salvador. Overtime, the programs have changed to reflect the needs of local youth to include leadership training, capacity building, educational opportunities and extracurricular activities including art and sports.

To ensure the continuation of these programs and to strengthen the future generations in the Lower Lempa, we founded the Viva Fund Campaign in 2011 at our 15th anniversary celebration. Initially a scholarship fund, the Viva Fund has expanded along with our programs in El Salvador to include support for other initiatives. This year, youth have become entrepreneurs, putting their education and leadership training into practice by create economic opportunities for themselves and other members of their community.

In a region of the world where people- increasingly minors- are pushed out of their countries dues to violence and a severe lack of economic opportunities these youth stand out, creating solutions within their communities.

Full of confidence, passion, and motivation, the young leaders work together to invest in their future and the future of their communities. Together, they create opportunities for community engagement, creative expression and sustainable livihoods. Help support their efforts. Donate today to ensure these programs thrive!

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