1 house for Haiti. How you can rebuild somebody's house for what you spent

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You & I are about to rebuild a house for a TeamTassy family for about what you spent on your HoneyBooBoo costume. Here's how.


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When we met Marc Noel Admé’s family in late 2011, he was out of work, struggling under a mountain of debt due to the aftermath of the Port-au-Prince earthquake, and two of his five children, Ruth and Nathaniel, were suffering from serious medical conditions that would likely kill them. Similar to all Team Tassy families, numerous roadblocks stood in the way of even the most basic necessities for the Admés. That’s poverty.

Team Tassy helped Ruth and Nathaniel obtain the medical care they needed. We then began working together with the family on a plan for the remaining basics: forgiving some of their crippling debt and helping Marc Noel get a driver’s license so he could get steady work as a driver. Simple things like this that have made a life-changing difference to the Admés, and restored the dignity and confidence Marc Noel needs to know he can lead his wife and children out of poverty forever.

With Team Tassy, the Admés have taken the first step. With YOUR help, they can take a few more. By donating just $4 a day from today until Halloween, you can help us do three things:

1) Hire a Haitian contractor to rebuild their house, which was pretty banged up by Tropical Storm Isaac.

2) Take care of a medical issue that Marc Noel’s wife Carmita is working through.

3) Put his five kids and the four nieces and nephews that he takes care of since his brother died in the earthquake, through school this year.

This is simple stuff, but stuff that one day soon, Marc Noel will be taking care for himself. Until then, help us stand with him. For the price of a few lattes, you can change the stars for 11 people who right now, are hoping someone like you is out there, reading this. Donate today on the right column of the page.

Get 4 friends to jump onto the campaign to also give 4 dollars for 40 days, Marc Noel is going to personally post a note on YOUR Facebook pages thanking you for being so awesome.

If you can rally 14 friends join you, not only will Marc Noel send you a thank you note, but we will record a new voicemail for you to use on your cell phone from the whole Team Tassy family (if you've ever met a "Tassy" you will know that this will be both hilarious and awesome.)

Heres the big one...Anybody who can get 40 friends to join them and each give 4 dollars a day for 40 gets a free trip down to Haiti for the new house raising by Haitian contractors and a personal thank you from the man himself. Its an experience that I promise you will change your life.

So go ahead. One coffee a day from you and 4 friends from today until your Honey Boo Boo costume makes its big debut on Oct 31st, and you change a family’s future.

Whatever it takes, right? Click the “fundraise” button on the right, invite your friends, and let’s get moving.

For all the Tassys,

Viv, Julie, and Ian on behalf of Marc Noel, Carmita, and the rest of the Admé’s

Team Captain

Vivien Luk Vivien Luk

Through our work at Team Tassy and our partnership with our sister company Thread - www.teamtassy.org