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3T Nicaragua Crew is a team to raise support to send a crew to Nicaragua in partnership with Ginger Creek Community Church.


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Richard Lawson

Richard goes to Nicaragua

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Keenen Sellers

Keenen's Nicaragua Trip!!!!

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Stefanie Evans

Stefanie Evans is headed to Nicaragua...AGAIN!

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Emily Collins

Emily's Nicaragua trip

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For a variety of reasons (war, natural disaster, political corruption), Nicaragua is one of the poorest nations in our world. In 2009, the unemployment rate was at 43% and those with a job took home an average of $4000 US dollars per capita a year. Triple Threat Mentoring, a nonprofit dedicated to ending generational poverty, has created a strategic partnership with Ginger Creek Community Church to establish a presence in Managua that represents Triple Threat Mentoring: Creating relationships with the youth in need through passion based programs. Volunteers that use their passions lead these programs to reach kids on a relational level, whether those passions be playing soccer, fixing up bikes, or even baseball history. These relationships create a bond between volunteer and youth that leads to a huge impact on both lives.

We sent a group last summer to blaze the trail for future trips. They all had an amazing time and can't wait to go back - that's where you come in!

We leave in just a few short months! The trip is July 5-11. While there, our group will try to accomplish several things:

• Work to provide Triple Threat programming with Pastor Jorge Olivas, who runs a church on Mt. Pochocuape, one of the poorest areas in Managua.

•  Run a week long Triple Threat event that provides arts, academics, and athletics opportunities to the communities of Mt. Pochocuape.

• Develop relationships with the children and families of Mt. Pochocuape.

Thanks in advance!

Team Captain

Jordan Wilson Jordan Wilson