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Supporting youth leadership in rural El Salvador through art, education, communication, literacy, and recreation.


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3rd Annual Viva Fund Campaign: Supporting Youth Leaders in El Salvador

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Support the next generation of leaders- invest in youth in El Salvador today!

Youth in El Salvador face many challenges, and obtaining a quality education and secure employment is difficult. Gang violence is prevalent. Many youth see migration as the only option.

Since 2002, EcoViva has supported youth programming in the Bajo Lempa in El Salvador. The youth programs provide leadership training, capacity building, educational opportunities and extracurricular activities including art and sports. To ensure the continuation of these programs and to strengthen the future generations in the Bajo Lempa, we founded the Viva Fund Campaign in 2011 at our 15th anniversary celebration. Initially a scholarship fund, the Viva Fund has expanded along with our programs in El Salvador to include other components.

Support for the Youth Program 2013-2014:

  • Provides 12 scholarships to students studying aquaculture at MegaTec University in La Union
  • Provides tuition for 1 young woman studying at the university, who in exchange for this award works for our partner organization in El Salvador during the week
  • Provides transportation costs for 4 high school students who live on a remote island whose families cannot afford the fuel costs for the weekly boat rides for the child's commute
  • Provides support to launch a Youth Leadership School, where promising youth will learn about history, civic engagement, conservation, and leadership
  • Ensures the continuation of a youth-led community radio station
  • Provides support for community dance and theater groups
  • Trains teachers and young leaders to be literacy promoters

We believe that in order to ensure that the grassroots effort that EcoViva has supported for over 15 years goes on to future generations, we need to nurture the education of young local leaders, and we can do this with a combined effort.

A gift of any amount has direct impact in the lives of promising and dedicated young leaders in El Salvador. Consider making a donation today.

With gratitude,


Team Captain

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