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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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Give our children the food they need now and help them develop healthy habits that will last for life.

Your gift to 3MM this holiday season will help us provide our students with 5,082 lunches in 2014.

Many of our students do not get the balanced meals at home that they need for an active day of learning. Some simply don't have enough to eat. Others rarely have fruit or vegetables.

When it's time to eat, they eat alone on the front stoop or crowded on the bed with their siblings. Before coming to 3MM, some of our students had never sat at a table for a meal.

Our free lunch program is a simple solution to these big problems.

Together, the children enjoy a balanced lunch that gives them the nutrients they need to build a healthy body and mind. But lunchtime at 3MM is about much more than a nutritious meal. It’s also about developing healthy habits that will last forever.

This begins by shopping at our local market for fresh produce. (Flip through the photos on our General Fund page to take a lunchtime tour from start to finish. Back in 3MM’s kitchen, the students take turns preparing the vegetables and fruit. They set the tables with real glasses, plates and silverware. Each item is carefully positioned in its correct place. The students take so much pride in creating this beautiful area for their friends to enjoy a delicious lunch together. For them, it’s like a holiday dinner every day of the year!

3MM teacher Ines says, “Each lunch together at 3MM is a gift. It’s beautiful!” The children tell stories, laugh and enjoy a balanced meal. Each day they sit by someone different and learn fun things about their classmates. What a great way to practice social skills! They also learn table manners, which, you can imagine, are very hard to learn if you don’t have a table at home. They patiently wait their turn to be served and once every one has been served, they say in unison, “Bon appetit. You may eat!”

Help us secure lunch for our students in 2014. Make your donation today so that they can start off the new year on the right foot – a healthy and happy one.

Our holiday drive ends December 31st, so donate today and share with your family and friends!

To donate, click the General Fund or your friend's fundraising page above.

Make your donation in honor of a friend or family member, and we will send them an e-card to share the good news.

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All donations (online or check) are tax deductible.

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Michelle Rahn Michelle Rahn

  1. Michelle RahnMichelle... 01/06/2014 at 04:56 AM ET
    The thermometer above stopped moving at midnight on Dec 31st, but donations kept coming in! As of Jan 6, our grand total is $8,572!
  2. Michelle RahnMichelle... 12/31/2013 at 01:53 AM ET
    We did it! Our students will have all their lunches in 2014 thanks to you! Here's to a healthy new year and YOU!!
  3. Michelle RahnMichelle... 12/28/2013 at 03:03 AM ET
    Just 3 days left! Can you help us raise the last $573? Remember that just $30 gives a student lunch for a month!
  4. Michelle RahnMichelle... 12/24/2013 at 04:05 AM ET
    Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for sharing the spirit of the holidays with us!
  5. Michelle RahnMichelle... 12/13/2013 at 11:27 AM ET
    Just 2 days later and now you've funded lunches through May!!! :)