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"2017 MD Race for the Family" a team to help the TININA Q CADE FOUNDATION INC...


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The Cade Foundation's Maryland Race for the Family, hosted by Shady Grove Fertility, is our 5k run/walk that celebrates the strength and courage it takes to OVERCOME infertility. All proceeds from the event fund Family Building Grants that help others afford the costs associated with fertility treatment or adoption.

The event will be at the MD Zoo in Baltimore and will be a great opportunity to support families OVERCOMING infertility while enjoying the animals and an amazing venue.

We will award ONE raffle ticket to each fundraiser for every $40 fundraised. The number of tickets one can receive is unlimited.

ALSO...we will host a private screening of the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie on a Saturday morning in May (likely be held in the Towson, MD area.) and will aard 2 free tickets and refreshments for any fundraiser who raises at least $300 by the time the private screening takes place. Each "winner" will receive 2 tickets for the show+ snacks for the show. We will also have other goodies for attendees.

Promotions: The top fundraiser will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the 2017 Cade Gala and overnight accomodations at a local hotel. The second place fundraiser will receive a $100 gift card for dinner and the 3rd place fundraiser will receive a $50 gift card for lunch at a local resturant.

Don't forget to register for the race!! Registration is open NOW at https://2017caderace.eventbrite.com.

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Dr. Camille Hammond Dr. Camille Hammond

OVERCOME infertility!

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