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The 2016 TJW will help raise money that will go towards medical research and helping more families stay together!


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Julia's Wings Foundation

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Lisa DeBetta

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Thank you for joining the 2016 Team Julia's Wings. We are truly grateful for your fundraising efforts. Our Foundation was created in loving memory of Julia's Malsin. Our mission is two-fold. The first emphasis is on carrying out Julia’s wish with the goal of providing financial assistance to families of children with aplastic anemia so they don’t have to suff­er through their disease without a loved one by their side. The second emphasis is on providing funding to medical professionals performing research to find a cure for this disease and its related conditions. Our hope is with continued research, one child’s life may be saved and one mom, mad, sister, brother and family won’t have to endure the pain and suff­ering that aplastic anemia brought into our lives. All of the money raised from your donors will help us with this mission.

This is our 4th Team Julia's Wings run/walk at the Kent Pumpkin Run and we have been able to do such great things over the last 3 years. We have partnered with the Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation to create two Julia Malsin Research Funds in the amount of $120,000, one of those grants has been awarded and research has begun. In addition, we have disbursed over $88,000 in grants to assist families.

We receive numerous requests, from around the country, from families that need our help on a weekly basis. JWF is the only Foundation providing this type of financial support for children battling aplastic anemia, as they often do not qualify for other assistance available for other diseases. We fight so hard, because the need is still so great.

Together WE will honor the memory of Julia Malsin, provide HOPE to the families affected by aplastic anemia, FAITH that they can win the fight, and research for a CURE to this life-threatening disease.

Again, we thank you for everything you are doing to help support our mission and our promise to Julia. We hope you all have a wonderful run/walk and please know with every step you take, you are making a meaningful difference for Julia.

With much love & appreciation,

Mike, Heather, Lyss, Julia and the JWF Board.

Team Captain

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