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$4,983 raised of $5,000

Join the 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge and help support Education and Preservation at Historic Ships In Baltimore.


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Bob Sopka

Infrared Racing 2016

$1,663 5


David Wallace

David Wallace fundraising for 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge

$975 9


Marcel and Barbie Klik

Team Etoile 2016

$600 7


Experiment 520 Racing Team

C Selby fundraising for 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge

$595 11


Captain Larry Vazzano

Captain Larry Vazzano fundraising for 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge

$400 5


David Tabor

David Tabor fundraising for 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge

$300 5


Steve Young

Project Mayhem Racing

$250 4


Chris Long

Chris Long fundraising for 2016 USS Constellation Cup Challenge

$200 2


Dino Frangos

Team Coco J

$100 1


Donna Colaco

Team Madi Noelle - DSC Cruising

$0 0


Alicia Tyrell

Calculated Risk fundraising for USS Constellati

$0 0

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Event Date: OCTOBER 8, 2016

What is the USS Constellation Cup & Fundraising Challenge?

The USS Constellation Cup is a fun, friendly sailboat regatta in support of the restoration and education programs at Historic Ships in Baltimore. The Challenge is a fundraising component of the Cup where boats compete to win the George Colligan Memorial Trophy, while earning free tickets to the post-race Pier Party. The Challenge winner is determined by a combination of the funds raised by your supporters and your finishing possition in the race. Individual fundraisers will receive 2 Pier Party Tickets for raising $150 and 1 additional ticket for each $100 raised thereafter.

How does my boat participate in the Challenge?

  1. To get started find the “Join This Team” box to the right, and click the “Fundraise” button.
  2. Name your page: In order to ensure that your boat is properly credited PLEASE INCLUDE THE NAME OF YOUR BOAT IN THE “FUNDRAISER NAME” FIELD. Press the “Start Fundraising” button.
  3. Log in: You can log in with a pre-existing account (Razoo, Facebook, or Google) or set up a new Razoo account. Set up is easy and only requires name, email and password.
  4. Set up your fundraiser page: You may personalize your page with photos videos and descriptions and more.
  5. Start fundraising: Razoo makes it easy to share your fundraising page with friends, crewmate, family and more. Click the “Share” tab at the top of your page to use Facebook, Twitter, email and more to reach out to fellow supporters of Historic Ships.

Although donations are greatfully accepted at any time, please note that contributions must be recorded on your RAZOO page or received in person at Historic Ships in Baltimore or at the skipper’s meeting no later than 1900 on Friday, October 7th in order for support to be counted toward your boat’s fundraising total.

Thank you for participating in the USS Constellation Cup Fundraising Challenge and supporting Historic Ships in Baltimore. If you have any questions regarding the Challenge or Historic Ships, please contact us at administration@historicships.org or 410-539-1797 ext 422.

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