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Help us raise money to send over 400 Haitian teachers to our annual Teacher's Conference in Cap Haitien!


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2016 Teacher's Conference fundraising!

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“The biggest challenge we face is a lack of education. We have a beautiful vision for our country, but we struggle to see it through. The best way you can help us to invest in our minds, and change the mentality of our people. The Haitian people need to change their mindsets, and realize that unity really does create strength.” ­ -Stenio Etienne

Projects for Haiti is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development in Haiti!

During the month of June, this organization holds their annual teachers conference in Haiti, in which over 400 Haitian educators are trained and equipped with the tools to allow a new generation to rise up and lead their nation into stability and servant leadership.

Haitian's best hope for a brighter future is through education. $75 is all it takes to send a Haitian teacher to the conference, where they will learn how to enlighten the youth of a nation that has so much potential and yet so many have less opportunity.

A small gift of $15 by five people can send a teacher. When you think about that movie ticket or the shirt that will be out of style by next season, think instead of building a brighter future for Haiti.

We hope to continue to create, support and connect Haitians and greatly value your contributions to our dreams for the nation.

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