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This year's Apprentices are "paying it forward" to support the continuation of GPI's Apprenticeship program. Help us give back!


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This year's Growing Places Indy summer apprentices have sweated together, laughed, cried, explored yoga, learned all about urban farming, met some amazing people, and, in the process, had some life-changing experiences.

This fundraising initiative aims to say thanks for this opportunity by "paying it forward" to support the 2016 summer apprentices. Our goal is to raise $500 each to help fund next year's likely even more inspirational group of apprentices exploring the local food culture of Indianapolis - and, along the way, teamwork, communication, and how they relate to others and their community.

The apprenticeship program is Growing Places Indy's flagship educational initiative, starting in late May and running through early August. The program immerses participants in “real-life” training and activities related to the Growing Places Indy mission to empower individuals and communities to Grow Well, Eat Well, Live Well, and Be Well. Participants learn the principles of operating a small urban farm, explore the challenges and opportunities to improve access to fresh, healthy foods in the Indianapolis area, lead educational experiences for youth and other community members, and investigate how community-based food systems support community development.

Help us say "thanks" to Growing Places Indy for our opportunity this summer and support next year's summer apprentices!

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