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2015 Freezin' for a Reason Partner Plunge


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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$1,645 raised of $10,000
($595 online, $1,050 offline)

"2015 Freezin' for a Reason Partner Plunge" Help WMCA and your favorite local group at the same time!


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Danielle Flannery

2015 Freezin' for a Reason Partner Plunge

$685 1


Tiffany Whitney

Freezin 4 a Reason

$215 1


William Crandall

Bill Crandall

$200 5


Garrett Smith

F4R - Garrett Smith for WMCA

$145 8


Bobbie-Jo Wheeler

Western Maine Homeless Outreach

$145 3


Lisa Laflin

United Way Pack of Plungers

$125 2


Ryan Smith

F4R - Ryan Smith for WMCA

$120 7


Marylena Chaisson

Marylena-F4R-Western Maine Play Museum

$65 4


Rachel Jackson Hodsdon

2015 Freezin for a Reason Partner Plunge

$0 0


Ellen Grunblatt

Ellen Grunblatt-F4R-Wilson Stream Family Practice and Counseling

$0 0


Courtney Frost

Courtney Frost-F4R-United Way Pack of Plungers

$0 0


Anna Frechette

Anna Frechette-F4R-WMCA

$0 0

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WMCA has a new twist on our Freezin' for a Reason event! While you can still register as a plunger (or chicken) with us directly, we are now offering other organizations a chance to get in on the action! Local non-profits, schools, organizations and even businesses* can form a plunge team and collect donations for the event. Once the team takes the plunge (or cheers us on as chickens) WMCA will split the funds raised by the team 50/50! That's right - half for us and half goes back to that organization to further their mission!

Participating businesses must declare a community use for the funds they raise. For example, our partner Diamond Athletics is creating a team and will use the funds to provide scholarship money to participants of low and moderate income households to cover the fees associated so more people have the change to participate!

Plungers and chickens who are not affiliated with a registered partner team will be raising funds 100% for WMCA. If you would like to support a local organization as well, please contact them and ask them to register a team with us by calling 1-800-645-9636 or emailing Danielle Flannery at dflannery@wmca.org.

All funds raised will help ensure both WMCA and our 2015 partners have the necessary resources to continue to respond quickly and effectively to a variety of needs in Western Maine.

Team Captain

Danielle Flannery Danielle Flannery

  1. Danielle FlanneryDanielle... 10/23/2015 at 11:44 AM ET
    I am being told emails regarding T-shirt sizes are bouncing back - sorry about that! Please send your shirt size to dflannery@wmca.org
  2. Danielle FlanneryDanielle... 10/23/2015 at 09:52 AM ET
    Ignore the total under my name - these are offline donations to the event itself, not under me - I just want ALL of our success to show on the progress bar!!
  3. Danielle FlanneryDanielle... 10/21/2015 at 08:29 AM ET
    Adding this donation to Courtney's $85 on her individual page for United Way brings our total up to $410 to individual plungers! We have also received checks from Amvets for $200 toward the event in general and $100 from Farmington Fire Dept, also to the event! Closing in on $1000 - make the final push in the last three days!
  4. Danielle FlanneryDanielle... 10/21/2015 at 08:27 AM ET
    Jeffery Hodsdon received a donation of $25 for WMHO team... we have another page not showing up on the leaderboard... no problem, just wanted to be able to share his donation!
  5. Danielle FlanneryDanielle... 10/16/2015 at 08:50 AM ET
    One week to go... let's see if we can take it up a notch - don't forget to share on Facebook to boost your donations!