2015 Cowdfunding Captains

A team for Student Diplomacy Corps

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$12,258 raised of $25,000

"2015 Cowdfunding Captains" a team to help the Student Diplomacy Corps raise money for student scholarships.


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Madelaine Eulich

Student Diplomacy Corps Scholarship Fundraiser 2015

$6,595 66


Geoff Hunt

2015 Student Diplomacy Corps Fundraiser

$2,030 38


Brian Burger

2015 Student Diplomacy Corps Fundraiser

$1,695 6


Shanti Freitas

2015 Student Diplomacy Corps Fundraiser

$993 15


Chip Harmon

2015 Student Diplomacy Corps Fundraiser

$450 12


Annie Thompson

Annie Sponsors a Student Diplomat

$400 9


Glara Zandi

Student Diplomacy Corps 2015 Fundraiser

$325 9


Anuli D

Join Anuli in Fundraising for the Student Diplomacy Corps 2015

$50 2


Jose De Jesus

2015 Student Diplomacy Corps Fundraiser

$0 0


Geoff Hunt


$0 0

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This year, the Student Diplomacy Corps will send approximately 130 students abroad on life-changing summer programs. These programs, designed to take high school sophomores and juniors out of their comfort zones and into new realms of learning, will visit countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Money raised by our crowdfunding efforts will go directly towards scholarships earned by cadidates who have been successful in completing the rigorous application process. In 2014, 100% of SDC participants were awarded scholarships, with average awards of around 85% of program costs.

Our team goals are to raise awareness of SDC's mission and to generate a large number of new and repeat donors. We expect that most donations will be below $100, so don't hesitate to encourage those who can't afford large gifts.

As the campaign meanders along its 100-day path, we'll be announcing a few short-term matching gifts or other incentives deisnged to get folks to donate. We'll let you know a few days before they're supposed to happen so you can be sure to make the announcement on your Facebook feed, Twitter, or whatever.

Feel free to get creative and ask Geoff or Tony questions if you have them!

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Geoff Hunt Geoff Hunt