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"2015 Barefoot Republic 5K 4 MLK Team" a team to help the undefined...


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Candace Clippard

Youth Advisory Board for 5K 4 MLK

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Glenn Baucom

Glenn Baucom for 5K 4 MLK

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Joel Guthrie

5K 4 MLK

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Honour McDaniel

Honour McDaniel for 5K for MLK 2015

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Barefoot Republic Camp's 5K 4 MLK is an event with two purposes. We want to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by creating an event that brings together people from races, creeds and colors. His vision of racial reconciliation is closely tied to the mission of Barefoot Republic, so we are taking this opportunity to put a spotlight on his dreams while raising funds for our scholarship program...helping to ensure racial, cultural and socioeconomic diversity are at the forefront of the Barefoot experience.

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