2014 Thrill the World in Norwich, CT - A Fundraiser for Artreach, Inc.

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Dancing Thriller to Promote Mental Health Awareness! Supporting Creative Arts, Wellness Programs, and Community Education at Artreach, Inc.

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Cathleen Special

Checked-Out Otis Librarians

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Erika Pape

Rikki Dancing for Artreach

$25 2


Heather Haycock

Heather Dancing Thriller for Artreach

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Heather-Renae Powers

THRILL THE WORLD WITH HRP!!!!! (A Fundraiser for Artreach, Inc.)

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Kristy Head

Kristy Head fundraising for 2014 Thrill the World in Norwich, CT - A Fundraiser for Artreach, Inc.

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Melanie Nagode

Thrill the World with Melanie

$65 1


Meliss Swanson

YAS fundraising for 2014 Thrill the World in Norwich, CT

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Rebecca Atkins

Becca Atkins Dancing Thriller for Mental Health Awareness. Supporting Artreach, Inc. and The Second Step Players.

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For the third year, Norwich Zombie Dancers participating in the global Thrill the World dance event, will raise funds to support Artreach's healing through creative arts programs AND The Second Step Players stigma-busting theater troupe!

Artreach provides creative opportunities for adults who have psychiatric disorders. The healing at Artreach is personal; interpersonal; and community-wide. We also like to think we CHANGE THE WORLD by increasing awareness about mental illnesses and the people who have them, reducing stigma through The Second Step Players comedy performances!)

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Artreach relies on donations from individuals like yourself. Although we receive a yearly grant from the State of CT Department of Mental Health, we are NOT a state agency, and as such, are required to fundraise and write grants to supplement our annualized funding. That is to simply break even - and we want to GROW!

Please help us raise funds to support our growth! Growth looks like this: more staff, thus more services for more program members; and perhaps a theater of our own! We would very much like to grow the community arts part of Artreach's offerings, and present awesome artists with a shared vision.

Team Captain

Rebecca Atkins Rebecca Atkins

I am committed to healing through the arts with people who have mental illnesses, and eliminating stigma!

  1. Rebecca AtkinsRebecca... 10/23/2014 at 01:20 PM ET
    You guys! That thermometer is starting to MOVE!!! Thanks to all of you dance teams for supporting Artreach's programs, and for encouraging folks to donate!
  2. Rebecca AtkinsRebecca... 09/26/2014 at 06:59 PM ET
    Dance lesson tonight at 7:30 pm at Artreach basement!! (Sept. 26)
  3. Rebecca AtkinsRebecca... 06/24/2014 at 10:48 AM ET
    Looking forward to the 2014 Thrill the World event! Thanks to everyone for joining in to dance for mental health awareness and creativity for healing!