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$3,835 raised of $10,000

We will be embarking on a trip to the Kwazulu Natal region of S. Africa to help empower the women to rise above poverty.

Team Members

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Angela Bae

Zimele Trip 2014

$1,000 12


Grace Kim

Zimele 2014

$860 15


Heather Ziegler

2014 Zimele Trip

$675 15


Jen Shin

Zimele 2014

$1,775 16


Judy Atkins

2014 Zimele Ambassators

$0 0


Teho Yoo

Empowering women of S. Africa

$300 1


Terence Lee

Zimele Trip 2014

$20 1

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Zimele Programs

Our Zimele program empowers women who are often the head of their household due to the tragic consequences of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our approach involves an intensive process that securing a safe environment for healthy growth enabling women to rise above poverty. We then provide training in business skills such as product design, marketing, bookkeeping and basic financial management. By building these entrepreneurial skills, communities will be able to sustain independent businesses.

We raise up women leaders who make key decisions for their communities advocating within local governing bodies. Change and social reform that follow such as access to health care, better education and employment opportunities positively affect the lives of the women.

Our main focus is to empower and build up women to become self-reliant through Self-Help Groups, Cluster Level Associations and Federations. Through working together in community with other women, they also receive vital support while they strive to improve their lives.

Team Captain

Teho Yoo Teho Yoo