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Lose weight. Do good. Get Fit.


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Kevin Adams

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April Friedman-Hurvitz

April Friedman-Hurvitz fundraising for 2014 Shape Up For Charity Challenge

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The Shape Up for Charity Challenge is designed to help participants lose weight and do some good in the process. Particpants commit to raise funds for Open Heart Magic all in the name of losing weight.

Open Heart Magic (OHM) has pioneered an innovative way to reach children who are being treated for serious illness through the surprise, excitement and wonder of magic performed at their hospital bedside.

OHM currently has 72 Volunteer Hospital Magicians working in hospitals in the greater Chicago area, one-on-one with patients and their families creating magic, and teaching tricks to kids and their siblings. OHM Hospital Magicians provided over 5.000 one-on-one Bedside Magic performances to kids and their families in 2013.

Our goal is to see 10,000 kids in the next three years. And, with the help of our Shape Upf for Charity participants, this audacious goal will become a reality. Their courage, energy and dedication to the kids is inspiring.

Team Captain

Open Heart Magic Open Heart Magic