2014 Run, Walk, Hope 5K/10K + Maddy's Mile Fun Run!


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"2014 Run, Walk, Hope 5K/10K + Maddy's Mile Fun Run!" a team dedicated to giving hope to widows and widowers with young families.


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Kristin Krile

Kristin Krile fundraising for 2014 Run, Walk, Hope 5K/10K + Maddy's Mile Fun Run!

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Renee maul fundraising for 2014 Run, Walk, Hope 5K/10K + Maddy's Mile Fun Run!

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Christeen DeNeui fundraising for 2014 Run, Walk, Hope 5K/10K + Maddy's Mile Fun Run!

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On Saturday, June 7th people will gather all over the world in support of young families who have experienced the death of a parent.

"I wanted the chance to give my kids the opportunity to be outstanding. It was when I had the courage to make that declaration to the Liz Logelin Foundation that I really started to believe that I could. We are on our way. Thank you for being a part of our new beginning."

The Liz Logelin Foundation is dedicated to providing support to grief- stricken young families in their time of deepest need. When a parent dies the financial burden can be huge. The LLF awards monetary grants to meet families’ emotional and financial short-term needs.

We can provide funds to help cover the rent or a house payment, utility bills, a child’s activity fees, lessons, school clothes, a special family outing or gifts for the children.

These grants allow families to spend more energy on healing, on being a parent, a child, a family. The support means something different to every family, but what it brings is hope and healing.

"There is never anything easy about death. It's awful that my children will grow up without a father, something that wasn't in the plan. With the help of the Liz Logelin Foundation, I was given hope."

"You gave me hope and a sense of belonging when I felt I didn't belong anywhere else, when I felt no one understood what we were going through. Thank you!"

Our goal of $10,000 will mean life changing moments for dozens of families in need. Show your support for grieiving families and let them know they aren't alone on this journey!

If you are interested in signing up for the race yourself details are available here: http://www.active.com/minneapolis-mn/running/distance-running-races/liz-logelin-foundation-run-walk-hope-5k-and-10k-2014?keywords=liz+logelin&adk=na

Team Captain

Lindsay Lewis Lindsay Lewis

I want to ensure that young grieving families know that people care about their journey and their healing.