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A team to help the HUGH OBRIAN YOUTH FOUNDATION raise money for the 2014 Leadership Seminar!


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Taige Tople

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Taylor Steiger

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The team members included in this fundraiser have been competitively selected to volunteer at the 2014 HOBY South Dakota Leadership Seminar. Together, they will support various components of a leadership development program for high school sophomores.

HOBY is a non-profit youth leadership development organization with programs nation-wide. Our signature event is a 4-day summer seminar involving intense learning experiences through keynote speakers, panel sessions, and interactive skill-building activities led by South Dakota leaders. HOBY’s dynamic, hands-on, educational approach develops participants’ critical thinking, team-building, and goal-setting skills.

One of the challenges they have taken on, is to raise at least $200 to sponsor a youth to attend the seminar. The cost for one youth to attend is $350 and $150 is typically contributed by the school or organization who nominated the student to attend. The annual commitment of our junior staff team to reach out and raise funds for incoming Ambassadors is a generous act of paying the experience forward, we hope you will consider supporting their efforts!

The top fundraiser will be recognized at our event and in our program booklet, as will all donations unless otherwise requested. Donations can be in cash or gifts-in-kind. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss possible item contributions or other details.

During the seminar weekend, the junior staff team work on various components of the event, from setting up for activities, facilitating group discussions, designing educational presentations, and more! Learn more about HOBY South Dakota at http://www.hobysd.org, and if you are interested in volunteering, we'd love to talk to you!


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