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MiddleTree's first Missions Trip to Los Angeles


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This January MiddleTree has the opportunity to take it's first missions trip to L.A. Dream Center, in Los Angeles California.

Los Angeles is known for its glamorous celebrities, beautiful beaches, and a plethora of people who are passionately pursuing their dreams. From a Hollywood perspective, it would seem that this mega city has it all. But did you know Los Angeles is the porn capital of the world? The “gang capital” of the nation? A major hub for human trafficking? That the third richest city also houses the largest community of homeless in the entire nation? Underneath that successful Hollywood exterior lies thousands of broken dreams, hearts, and lives, many of which are now searching for meaning and purpose in some very dark places. The Los Angeles Dream Center, a 24 hour Church, seeks to be a beacon of light and hope to these people. Currently serving 40,000 of the most marginalized, the Dream Center feeds, educates, and protects the ones who need it most. And this January, MiddleTree will be serving them, too. For one week, MiddleTree Church will be partnering with the Dream Center to help be the hands and feet of Jesus - ministering to the most marginalized whether homeless, sex trade workers, gang members. This is not going to be a "comfortable" trip, but one in which, as we serve, we get to see what following Jesus really looks like in action and learn how we can apply it to our own community in Saint Louis, whatever that may look like.

Your donations go directly to support the food, lodging, and ministry costs of the team, and even a small donation is appreciated!

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