2012 Summer Search Boston Marathon Team

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$84,605 raised of $110,000
($71,986 online, $12,618 offline)

On April 16, 2012, a team of dedicated runners will make the historic 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston in support of Summer Search.


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Carmine Broccole

Carmine Broccole 2012 Boston Marathon for Summer Search

$10,009 87


Perry Moriearty/ Kyle Hofmann

Boston Marathon 2012!

$9,545 24


Millisent Fury Hopkins

The Fury Can Do it!

$7,205 75


David Phillips

David Phillips -- 2012 Summer Search

$6,750 24


Katie Ellinger

Katie Ellinger 2012 Boston Marathon for Summer Search!

$6,337 76


Darah Schofield

Darah Schofield for Boston Summer Search Marathon Team

$5,505 74


Meagan Burke

Meagan Burke 2012 Boston Marathon

$5,460 49


Brenden Epps

Brenden Epps 2012 Boston Marathon

$4,785 47


Vaughn Schoonmaker

Vaughn is Running the Boston Marathon!

$4,276 74


Rodolfo R Vega

Rodolfo R. Vega

$4,095 31


Nina Wasserman

Nina Wasserman 2012 Boston Marathon for Summer Search!

$4,045 41


Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson

$4,000 14


Ryan Simmons

Ryan Simmons 2012 Boston Marathon

$3,989 57


Kevin Gay

Kevin's Boston fundraising

$2,800 8


Craig Powell

Craig Powell

$2,750 2


Daniel Clayton

Dan Runs for Summer Search

$2,111 30


Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison - 2012 Summer Search Boston Marathon

$965 15

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A ninth grader enrolled in a Boston high school has a 7% chance of graduating from college. These results are staggering. When a student enrolls in Summer Search, this number jumps to 89%.

Beginning during their sophomore year in high school, Summer Search provides deserving, low-income students with the holistic support services that they need to strengthen their leadership skills, realize their potential, and ultimately succeed in high school, college and as professionals.

Summer Search serves the highest need communities in Boston, Chelsea and Malden. We focus our recruitment efforts on schools whose graduation rate is less than 75%- the definition of an underperforming school as outlined by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The average annual income for a family of four in Summer Search is $22,000. Over 90% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

All Summer Search students receive two full scholarships for experiential summer programs, one-on-one mentoring from highly trained, full time staff members, college and financial aid counseling, alumni support services and professional development opportunities throughout college and into their professional careers.

Summer Search works- 100% of Summer Search students graduate from high school and 89% graduate from college. When Summer Search students succeed, not only are they changing their lives, but they are also changing the lives of their families and shaping their communities.

Summer Search Boston is currently serving 370 students in Boston area high schools. Over the next five years, we plan to expand our services to help even more deserving students. But, we need your help. The 2012 Summer Search Boston Marathon Team is raising money to support our students and program. 100% of money donated will go directly to student support and programming. Please help us to reach more students in Boston and transform our community by building strong, altruistic leaders.

Team Captain

Katie Gale Katie Gale