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This team is for Keller's students.


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Catch Olympic Fever at the Jog-a-thon September 28

View Acres students will be going for the gold on September 28 in the annual Jog-a-thon. The Jog-a-thon is our main fundraiser and one in which all the students participate. Our goal this year is $14,000.

Money raised from this event goes to support educational activities, programs and supplies throughout the school year:

  • Field trips to supplement learning in the classroom, such as a jet boat trip to view engineering concepts used in bridge building.
  • Materials for use in the school garden to teach earth, life and physical sciences.
  • Special assemblies, such as The NED Show, which utilized a multi-sensory learning model to motivate, encourage and inspire students to become champions at school and in life.
  • Our Artists in Residence program that brings artists into our school for a few weeks.
  • Sending our 5th graders to BizTown, a program that combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a fully-interactive simulated business community where they develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and their successful participation in a worldwide economy.
  • Purchasing technology to further engage students and provide a rich multi-media educational experience.

With your help, we can provide an even more enriched academic experience to help our students achieve great success this year and the years to come.

Team Captain

Erika Spooner Erika Spooner