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This team is returning to Pine Ridge to work with the Lakota Memorial Church of the Nazarene as they serve God on the reservation

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Gwynne Watkins

Gwynne's Trip

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

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Joe Watkins

My 2012 Pine Ridge Trip

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Nicole Williams

Williams Family to Pine Ridge Reservation

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Last summer, a group of 22 people spent a week working with the Lakota Memorial Church of the Nazarene as a way to help our brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to minister to the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in the name of Jesus.

This year we are taking a new group back, in hopes of further building our relationships, helping the church be better equipped to meet the needs of the people there, and to show the love of Christ to all we encounter. Fifteen people from New Life are committed to going on the trip, but we're hoping that you can help get us there.

Your donation will help offset the cost of the trip for any one of, or all of the people going, and it is a way for your to be a part of reaching out without ever leaving your living room. Any money we reach beyond our goal will be used to purchase supplies, food goods, and other materials to help the people of the reservation directly.

Please consider how you can help. A donation of $60 will get a trip participant 1/10 of the way to their personal goal, and will go a long way to helping them serve in the name of Jesus

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Joe Watkins Joe Watkins

  1. Nicole WilliamsNicole... 06/22/2012 at 04:58 PM ET
    Miracle went to neighbors today door to door...and received $62.00!