2011 Team Access Press - We Can Do It!

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"2011 Team Access Press - We Can Do It!" a team to help the Access Press Ltd...

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Dawn Frederick

Dawn's Fundraising for 2011 Team Access Press - We Can Do It!

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Have you donated to my Plunge into icy waters the last 5 years? Then I know you can do the same, as Access Press is a nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart.

As we all know the last 2 years have been a strain on everyone. Now imagine how every nonprofit feels, as many nonprofits (including Access Press) depend on donations and grants. As the donations and grants have decreased, the nonprofit world has faced it's own challenges.

The people behind Access Press are incredible. The organizations who support Access Press, who donate despite their own limited funds, are incredible. Now it's my friends who can add an extra layer of incredible.

Donate what you can. And know that if you help me reach our goal, you'll have my undying appreciation.

I'm looking for additional team members....so let me know if you'd like to participate!



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