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"2,000 Acts of Kindness " a global team to help HOPE FOR HEROISM raise money for our injured soldiers by doing good


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Israel's 65th year of Independence is on April 15th! Support our Hope for Heroism global team members who will perform 2,000 acts of kindess around the world, one a day for 30 days, by Israel Independence day. 100% of all funds raised will go directly to support our injured soldiers in Israel.

What your support can do:

  1. $1,000 Sponsors medical, financial, or educational aid for one soldier.
  2. $540 Sponsors workshop and mentoring for 12 injured sodliers suffering from PTSD.
  3. $300 Partially sponsors food cost for soldier and family in need of food subsidy for holidays.
  4. $100 helps sponsor of the injured soldier initiated sports art therapy projects.

2,000 Global acts of kindness = $100,000 in funding for our injured Israeli soldiers!

Examples of acts of kindness:

1. Call a family member just to tell them you love them

2. Give Tzedeka (Charity)

3. Clean up something for someone else

4. Show support to someone who is struggling

5. Give food or clothing to Food Bank

6. Open the door for someoene older than you

7. Really Listen to someone

8. When you are at the store call friend/neighbor/family member to see if they need anything

9. Ask your parents- Is there anything I can do to help

10. Tell your parents they are doing a great job and mean it

11. Cook for someone who cooks for you

12. Say thank you to people who don't get thanked a lot

13. IF someone you know is sick, stop for a moment and say a prayer for them with your heart

14. Go out of your way to help your younger sibling

15. By a Card for your grandparent or relative who would appreciate it.

16. Volunteer at any organization for one hour

Team Captain

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