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Help METNY USY alumni from the 1990s raise $5,000 for Encampment scholarships!


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Did you enjoy METNY encampment as much as we did?

Encampment gives USYers the chance to meet fellow Jewish teens, learn about themselves and grow as a committed member of the Jewish community. Unfortunately, USY has a large amount of students that apply for scholarship every year, and with a limited scholarship fund, the region cannot help all of them. 25% of the attendees are already on full or partial scholarship.

We are asking for your help. It’s time to pay if forward and help some USYers go to encampment. We have parents that are divorced, a parent is out of work or medical issues are in the family and they cannot afford camp. We believe that “if a child has the want and desire to go to a program we should find them the money”.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by March 1 to fund 32 full scholarships or 64 partial scholarships for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend encampment.

We have a competition with 5 decades participating: 70s,80s,90s,00s, and 2010+ Each decade has team captains and the winning decade will be acknowledged at METNY Encampment alumni day. If you want to join your decade team and fundraise for the campaign, please contact:

1970s: Bruce Varon metnyalumnidirector@gmail.com

1980s: Danny Petigrow dpetigrow@gmail.com

1990s: Eric Post epost1020@gmail.com



There are 5 giving levels - every dollar counts and brings us closer to another teen at encampment.

$650 International Level (full scholarship)

$325 Regional Level (half scholarship)

$200 Divisional Level (one third scholarship)

$100 Chapter Level (provides partial scholarship)

$50 (and under) Member Level (provides partial scholarship)

Thank you for your support!

Team Captain

Bruce Varon Bruce Varon