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"Living Stages Catalysts" a team to raise funds for Living Stages Theatre


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Cathy Bernatt

Cathy Bernatt fundraising for Living Stages

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Andrea Hamberg

Andrea Hamberg fundraising for Living Stages Catal

20 $635


Taryn Yum

Taryn Yum fundraising for Living Stages Catalysts

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Venetia Bouronikou

Venetia Bouronikou fundraising for Living Stages C

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Tamara Lynne

Tamara Lynne fundraising for Living Stages Catalys

12 $450


Heidi Guenin

Heidi Guenin fundraising for Living Stages Catalys

7 $160


lynn wallace

lynn wallace fundraising for Living Stages Catalysts

7 $390


kim feicke

kim feicke fundraising for Living Stages Catalysts

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Jacob Engstrom

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5 $605


Elliot Leffler

Elliot Leffler fundraising for Living Stages

5 $255


candace larson

candace larson fundraising for Living Stages Catal

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Kara Stone

Kara fundraising for Living Stages

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Allison Giffin

Allison Giffin fundraising for Living Stages Catalysts

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Mason Hiatt

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Missy R.

Missy R. fundraising for Living Stages Catalysts

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Living Stages Catalysts are committing to raising $100 each (or more!) by getting ten friends to donate $10 (or more!) each over the course of ten days in June.

Our stretch goal is to raise $10,000 in order to coordinate our 2016 Forum Theatre Convergence -- an opportunity to bring together theatre teams for a full weekend of training, rehearsal, and interactive forum performances on the topics of housing and transit justice. The Forum Theatre Convergence is slated for November 18-20.

Our primary method of theatre is based on the work of Brazilian theatre artist and activist Augusto Boal, author of Theatre of the Oppressed. In the words of Boal, our goal is "to turn non actors into actors, in the theatre and society." We work with marginalized communities to create interactive theatre about their own experiences, and to put these stories on the stage to invite audiences to stop the course of the play, step onto the stage, and try their hand at acting out possible solutions to change the course of the play. Theatre as a rehearsal for reality!

Funds raised will support coordination and facilitation of the project, artist stipends, and support for community participants including: food, transportation and bus tickets, t-shirts, and stipends for public performances.

The Living Stages Catalyst that reaches the highest number of individual donors will be honored with our 2016 Catalyst Trophy, and photo will be featured on social media in appreciation of this contribution to our work!

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Tamara Lynne Tamara Lynne

  1. Cathy BernattCathy... 06/25/2016 at 11:55 PM ET
    my heart is beating too fast...$224 more...3 min left
  2. Cathy BernattCathy... 06/25/2016 at 11:36 PM ET
    Sorry mason, I called you matt earlier.
  3. Cathy BernattCathy... 06/25/2016 at 11:22 PM ET
    I swear I am channeling Jerry Lewis now (ha ha ha!)
  4. Cathy BernattCathy... 06/25/2016 at 11:21 PM ET
    Yea Cathy! $249 to go and 37 min...we can DO THIS!!!!!
  5. Cathy BernattCathy... 06/25/2016 at 11:06 PM ET
    Wooooo hooooo Tamara!!!! Wholly, only $279 to go!!!!!