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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$150 raised of $2,000

Helping to raise money, spread awareness, and log in volunteer hours, in order to benefit Philabundance.


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Bryan Cairns

Temple Feeds Philly

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Through the Fox School of Business at Temple University the 10-10-10 project has been a pioneer in establishing funds for community organizations throughout the Philadelphia area. With over $260,000 cash donated, and over 1600 hours of volunteer hours logged in over the past five years, 10-10-10 has established itself has a leader in 'doing good" for non-profits.

This years 10-10-10 project consit of four dedicated Temple students who strive for the same goal, have no man, woman or child go hungry in the Philadelphia community. In order to achieve this goal we have set vairous objectives.

  • Raise over $2,000 for the Philabundance
  • Log in 50 hours of volunteer work.
  • Generate 1000 canned goods.

We at 10-10-10 believe small groups can make a difference, and that we can achive long term sustianability far after our project comes to an end.

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Bryan Cairns Bryan Cairns