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creating employment for 20 youth


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The country Bhutan is facing a rapid development at the same time a endless national issues. One such isssue is umemployment. In 2012 the youth unemployment was 7.2 % and this year it has increased to 9.9%.

The Youth Media Center a NGO, has registered mainly to create employment for the youths. The organization has innitiated to open a small resturant which will be managed by the unemployed youths. Economically disadvantaged school goesrs will also be employed as partime worker. The unemployed youths will be benifited to get a decent job and the school goers can generate pocket money for their studies.

The profit generated will be reinvested for another group of economically disadvantage youth creating employment.

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Barun Gurung Barun Gurung

  1. Barun GurungBarun Gurung 07/01/2014 at 06:51 AM ET
    The Donation is to create employment for 20 youth