World Renegade Church

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World Renegade Church, opening in prayer for one another.

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Help World Renegade Church in reaching their communities, the city, and the world with the transformational power of the Gospel.

On February 18th, 2012 World Renegade Church was established. We started in a small storefront on the northwest side of Chicago where we met for 3 months followed by transformational growth. Our methods of contextualizing the Gospel to the community were troubling to the owner of the storefront so we were forced to move immediately. As a church we were pushed to a place of nothing but fasting and prayer. In a weeks time before our next service a church opened their doors to us, for free!

During that time God continued to laydown His foundation for us. Lives were added, love made steadfast and genuine community was happening but we knew it was only a matter of time before we had to relocate, as it was not our building. Being freed from paying rent for a few months caused us to bring in steady enough income to rent an office space in another location further north, which has been a blessing in so many ways.

God has proven to us time and time again that He makes a way where there really is nowhere else to go. Now we're at a new phase of our church and we are currently meeting inside our small office but have already outgrown it. Our first baptisms took place in September, we finished a lengthy membership class and we have flourishing men's and women's groups weekly. The growth has been sooner than expected but God has been watering the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This journey leads us here, the FAITH+DEEDS ENDEAVOR. Our faith will take us far but coupled with our deeds? Even further. We desire a facility to hold many events, a home for our small and growing young church and a place of refuge for all people. Orphanages and a home for women accompany the vision. We also endeavor to create much-needed unheard of evangelistic outreach, we have the man power and talent to do so. First things first, a building for our church to grow and meet in multiple times a week that includes office spaces, a recording studio and more. We want to display our love for one another to our community, the city then the world. Would you join us on this mission?

Our goal is to raise at least $150,000 in far less than 12 months. God can do much greater but as of now that is our aim. Whether it's to convert a former bar, or a medium sized building. We're ready to shoot heavy because we know the harvest is plentiful, and we believe YOU are reading this to partner with US on this mission.

Whether you're a church, a family or a single individual your continued/one time monetary gift(s) will inevitably change lives and we all will reap from your gift (you included) Will you prayerfully consider joining our endeavor here in Chicago, that will definitely reach the world?


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World Renegade Church
PO Box 597219
Chicago, IL 60659


Help World Renegade Church in reaching their communities, the city, and the world with the transformational power of the Gospel.

EIN: 455483077

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