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I need your help in building the WORLD'S LARGEST CROSS where you will find HOPE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS and the PATHWAY TO ETERNAL LIFE

We’re raising an Architectural Wonderment rivaling the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Archway to the West. A single day’s journey for over 80 million people, The Cross will showcase a 20 story venue towering over the panoramic Heartland of America.

An engaging Disney-like family friendly destination designed for entertainment, education, and enlightenment. The Branson Cross will be built through the contributions of caring, giving individuals from across the country. A grass roots effort that will take an enormous amount of teamwork. Teamwork centered around a plan. A plan that is doable. A plan that is duplicatable. A plan where many individual people, each doing a little, results in a monumental achievement. Make a decision to have your name and legacy forever engraved on the World's Largest Cross.

First, if you can, make a donation now. Either a one time gift, or a reoccuring one.

Secondly, ask yourself if you are willing to give a little more than just your money. Are you willing to do what I am doing and spread the word to raise $1000?

Start your fundraising now to raise $1000 as soon as possible through your friends and family contributions. From that group, find 12 to join your team who will duplicate your efforts and each raise $1000 through their friends and family network. We all know, that about 2000 years ago it all started with one who found 12, and look where it took them. As they say, the rest is history .

Make a difference.

Be part of history

Pray on it

Start you Team Now,

Dean Brown Founder

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We are asking for your help Our goal in this fundraiser is to raise the $5,000,000 needed to build THE WORLDS LARGEST CROSS!

EIN: 061820378

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