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Windcall: $13,000 in 130 hours for Resilient and Transformative Organizing

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Windcall: Justice is Worth Fighting For

Help Windcall provide Residencies and coaching to organizers and spread transformative leadership practices in social justice movements.

I'm writing to ask you to join me in giving to Windcall. A donor has offered a generous match up to $13,000 for every dollar we raise by Saturday, December 8th. Please contribute $35 or more!

I have benefited from and contributed to a lot of organizations in my lifetime. There are many groups who contribute mightily to building a real social justice movement in this country. I have had the honor of working with and supporting many of them. But truly, madly, deeply, Windcall is the one that my heart most passionately beats for! Several hundred organizers and activists, including myself, have found peace, inspiration, motivation, relief, healing, succor, joy during the rare and much needed "time out" that Windcall uniquely provides and is a resource that must continue.

In 1994, 8 years into being ED at the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Windcall restored my burnt out body and spirit, and gave me the energy and perspective to head into the grueling Prop. 187 fight. And then to continue in the rough and tumble immigrant rights battles for two more years at NCCIR. In 2006 I was given the gift of a return visit to Windcall for the final session to be held in Montana, which turned out to be one week after my father died. At a different milestone in my personal and professional life, my time at Windcall again gave me just what I needed and could not have found elsewhere.

I could go on and on about why I care so deeply about Windcall -- the collages on my office wall of "Pre- and Post- Windcall Emily", the piece of carved wood by my bed -- 18 years later these things still serve as the touchstones that give me strength and perspective, that settle my monkey mind or offer up the right question or answer to whatever I might be seeking and that, in turn, will help me better serve others. And I have heard a similar story from so many others.

Please help us keep this program going. Thousands of organizers are out there fighting for all that we believe in. We have learned repeatedly that sometimes they need a break of this kind in order to keep at it for the long haul and generate new strategies they might have missed in the round the clock cycle back home.

FYI, see a poster, that humbly includes yours truly and other folks I deeply admire. Thank you for helping us meet our $13,000 match by Saturday!


And for those who can appreciate an ode, an excerpt from the ode to Windcall written by those of us who were in the last cohort in Montana. Silly but with some real truths about organizing.

Ode to Windcall
(Sung to the tune of “Raindrops on Roses”)

"Insights, reflections

And deep contemplation

Planning and scheming
And e-valuation

Healing and crying and howling with rage
All of us need it regardless of age

Taking a look at the past and the present
Acknowledging gifts and our grief most unpleasant
Looking for ways to recharge batteries
Return to our homes with newfound sanities

When the funds freeze
All support flees
Hate and meanness make us mad

We simply remember our days at Windcall
And then we don’t feel so sad…"

--July 27, 2006
The “last batch”
Emily Goldfarb, David Orr, Delia Gomez,
Linda Burnham

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The Windcall Institute is dedicated is to nurturing transformative and resilient leadership among community and labor organizers.

EIN: 943214166

Reports: Guidestar

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