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Having the space for reflection

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Miriam Pena, Colorado Progressive Coalition, at Windcall

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Liz Guillen, Sarah Noble and Miriam Pena at Windcall

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Melinda Wiggins - Art at Windcall. One of the Windcall elements to help organizers reflect

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Anthony Thigpenn - Awarded Windcall's first Residency

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Poster - the organizing and the "stepping back to step up" that IS Windcall

Help Windcall provide Residencies and coaching to organizers and spread transformative leadership practices.

A message is from Priscilla Gonzalez, Communities United for Police Reform in NYC, who was a Windcall Resident this fall.

Please give to help Windcall meet its matching donation of $13,000 this week! You can give via the box on the right or mail a check, made out to Common Counsel Foundation, to Windcall, c/o CCF, 405-14th Street, Suite 809, Oakland, CA 94612.


I just returned from my Windcall Residency in October. I’m thrilled to see that 67 people have given to Windcall this week, contributing over $9,000.

You can help us reach our goal. We're SO close.

We need just $3,282 in the next 49 hours to meet the match offered by Windcall donors.

Please join me and give today.

This is why I think Windcall is so important:

1. Windcall strengthens organizers at key turning points.

If you’re a long distance social justice runner, you inevitably take up new roles in related struggles. I needed Windcall to help me do it. Others do too and need your support.

When I went to Windcall, I had just transitioned out of Domestic Workers United after 10 years. As you may know, DWU powered the passage of the nation's first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York. Now I’m at Communities United for Police Reform, supporting a grassroots movement to build towards ending discriminatory policing in New York City.

I lived and breathed the struggle for domestic workers' rights for a decade. I was excited to move another, and very related, agenda. But I knew in my heart that I needed to process where I had been and ready myself for my new role.

Windcall was critical to me making such a significant transition. When I returned to New York, I was grounded, rejuvenated and ready to be creative about helping to build a culture of real public safety and police accountability. I was ready to go.

2. Windcall replenishes organizers and helps us be resilient.

At Windcall, I let go of habits that were debilitating and just about short-term survival and getting through hectic days, weeks, and months. I found practices that were invigorating and supported my being healthy and clear thinking for the long haul.

I read, walked, soaked in art, did physical activities in nature, reflected by myself, and breathed. I realized I had held my breath out of habit and stress all the time over the past decade!

I see many organizers who keep on in unhealthy ways until their bodies give in. I don’t want that to be me. I want to be here for the long haul and Windcall helped me find ways to do that. Other organizers must have this too. Your gift makes it happen.

Won’t you give for organizers having Windcall? Won’t you give so that we learn new ways of working and being in our social justice movements?

Please give today. This is all it will take.

- 2 people giving $250
- 6 giving $100
- 8 giving $75
-12 giving $50
-16 giving $35
-20 giving $20

I am so thankful to all of Windcall’s supporters who made my Residency possible. Please join me in bringing Windcall to other social justice organizers.

In solidarity,

Priscilla Gonzalez
Windcall Resident, 2012

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The Windcall Institute is dedicated is to nurturing transformative and resilient leadership among community and labor organizers.

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