Elizabeth Foreman

VTNOF Compassion Diet 2013

Elizabeth Foreman 's fundraiser for THE ORPHANETWORK

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The virginia tech chapter of NOF

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Sesa's first trip to the zoo!

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Keyvín taking a nap :)

For the next 7 days I will be participating in a compassion diet where I only eat rice and beans to raise money for these amazing children

This spring break I returned to Nicaragua another time hoping for the opportunity to spend time and give love to all the kids I met last year. I planned on of course feeling some of the heart break from last year, but also having gone on the trip before wasn't planning on dealing with it too much.

This break we got the opportunity to travel to the north of Nicaragua. We met with a new pastor who is our contact for 55 churches, therefore 55 feeding centers. While in the north we saw hell. This hell was a city dump where near death cows and horses were roaming. There are families who live in tin shacks that back right up to the dump. Chemical companies randomly drop their chemicals in this dump and due to the strength of the sun in Nicaragua these spots will spontaneously ignite. There were fires everywhere and the majority of the children didn't have shoes so they had burns on their feet and legs. The men wake up at 6am to search through the trash for metal and plastic to earn $2.00 a day on a really good day. They wash what they find in the sewage water that runs underneath the dump. It seemed like the people of this community weren't really there with their glazed eyes and slow walk. I wish I could find all the words to describe this place, but I know they just simply do not exist. The image of this place is burned into my memory and I know it is the most tragic torturous place I will ever see.

My goal is to not just forget about these kids. I was told on my trip last year that after seeing what I saw I had to go home and be somebody whether I liked it or not. I want to be a voice for these children and families who have no where to turn, who eat one scoop of rice and a slice of cucumber once a day for only 5 days a week. I can't forget about it. I have learned that there is a big difference between having good intentions and doing things intentionally. So please act with intention adn give something small that will help these kids more than you can even imagine. The joy of seeing children from last year with our discolored hair and pot bellys from malnourishment, this organization is truly changing Nicaragua.

There is so much less that separates us than what we think.

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2624 Southern Blvd. Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Our mission is rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned.

EIN: 541983817

Reports: Guidestar

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