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Salt Lake DreamKids and Staff

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DreamKids Dream Board

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Miss America, Dream Academy supporter, with Salt Lake DreamKids

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DreamKids Patty and Emily

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Mentor Marianne reading with her mentee Andrea

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Mentor Danny with his mentee Jose

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Mentor Dyana with her mentee Elli

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The U.S. Dream Academy empowers children who are at risk of incarceration to maximize their potential through mentoring and enrichment.

The program starts with this principle: Beyond school, every young person we serve must spend 11 to 15 hours each week in a stimulating learning environment. One-on-one sessions with carefully matched mentors complement afterschool activities that combine academic fundamentals. The focus builds on three pillars – skill-building, character-building, and dream-building. The overall goal is to nurture the whole child while altering attitudes, enhancing self-esteem, supporting emotional and intellectual growth, and sparking dreams.

Mentoring A committed, caring adult can make all the difference, helping a child bridge these gaps, find self-esteem and direction, and realize dreams. DreamMentors commit to mentoring a child at a Dream Academy Learning Center one hour each week for at least one year. This level of involvement ensures the relationship between the mentor and mentee develops and flourishes.

After School Enrichment The U.S. Dream Academy’s academic excellence is built on three thematic pillars: Skill-building, Character-building, and Dream-building.

Skill Building Academic failure has been shown to be the most important predictor of future incarceration. The core components for this pillar are assistance with homework and online learning. Students use Achieve3000, a computer-based educational program that focuses on literacy instruction.

Character Building Students utilize the Education in Human Values curriculum, a universal, values-based program that lays the foundation for students to understand and apply the five fundamental values of peace, love, truth, right action, and non-violence in their lives.

Dream Building Helps students to broaden their understanding of what their options and opportunities are, while eliminating the possibility of incarceration from their framework of reference. Mentoring plays a part here because mentors act as role models, showing students positive options for their lives.

Dream Academy Salt Lake Demographics

  • Serve an average of 100+ individual students a year
  • 57% have a parent who curently is or was previously incarcerated
  • 69% are below grade in math or reading
  • 82% qualify for free/reduced lunch

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The U.S. Dream Academy empowers children who are at risk of incarceration to maximize their potential through mentoring and enrichment.

EIN: 593514841

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