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uFLOW Annual Campaign 2013


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San Francisco uFLOW Food Bank Service Event

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San Francisco uFLOW Bayview Adult Health Center Service Event

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Chicago uFLOW Team Building Bowling Event

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Chicago uFLOW Visit to DuSable Museum for Black History Month

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uFLOW Mentor & Youth Leader Project Development Session

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Chicago uFLOW Adult Rehab Center Service Event

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uFLOW Mentor & Youth Leader Project Development Session

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Chicago uFLOW Basketball Tournament Raising Awareness of Neighborhood Violence (Student Project)

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Chicago uFLOW Willis (Sears) Tower Team Visit

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Cleveland uFLOW Community Clean Up Service Event

We build underserved communities by empowering youth to champion change through leadership, teamwork and student-driven service projects

Change Is Not Easy: It Takes A Village… and you’re part of it!

Today uFLOW empowers change in neighborhoods across three cities: Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco. Since 2008, we have partnered with numerous high schools, graduated dozens of students from our program, and launched projects that have made a difference.

We are a 100% volunteer driven 501(c)(3) organization. Not only is your ENTIRE donation tax deductible, but 100% of your donation will used to support programs that foster change, empower youth and help build communities.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Our Core Beliefs

We believe there is no better motivator towards working for positive change than visible and immediate evidence in the form of successful results.

We believe every community has an unending supply of creativity, innovation and enthusiasm in its young adults.

We believe that by nurturing and encouraging leadership skills in young people we can bolster their sense of worth and empower them with the ability to control their environment.

We believe that by utilizing mentors and educators to help young adults channel their energy into community projects we enhance their desire to continue to bring about change.

Our Approach: Empower, Encourage & Transform

Our organization traces its roots back to the West side of Chicago where a group of medical students enrolled at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Urban Medicine Program came together to build a community-based movement. They formed relationships with local schools, corporate leaders, residents and parents to make a change. Urban Future Leaders of the World (uFLOW) was born out of those community partnerships.

uFLOW works with high school students in underserved neighborhoods. We harness the energy and creativity of youth and redirect it to power positive community change. Community development starts from within and leadership is most powerful when implemented by those directly affected by its practice.

Success breeds confidence and desire for more success. Simply put, by empowering youth to change their surroundings, you forever change their perception of the world and their ability to be a thriving citizen and active participant in any community.

Select Success Stories

Cleveland, OH (2012): Three students from two inner city high schools (Glenville and MLK) identified their local childhood playground as unsafe for children to use. Tarnished by graffiti and stripped of swings, the playground lacked any appeal and often remained vacant. The school system could not afford to renovate it, so the three uFLOW students came together to raise money via a bake sale at the local elementary school. The proceeds were used to purchase supplies and renovate their beloved childhood playground. The playground is now functional with hanging swings, and free of rust and graffiti. Most importantly, guided by their uFLOW mentor, the group learned how to work together to establish a vision, act on it and make a change.

Chicago, IL (2012): uFLOW students from Crane high school visited a local rehabilitation center that helps adults with substance abuse and addiction problems, mental health problems, and other behavioral health issues. Prior to their trip the students learned that the center rarely got visitors. Excited about the opportunity, the students prepared cupcakes and muffins, and planned several activities. While at the center they played cards, board games, and talked with residents over pizza. During this afternoon of service, they not only impacted the lives of others by sharing their positive energy, but also learned about the high cost that some choices in life can have.

San Francisco, CA (2012): The Metro SF uFLOW students have partnered with the Bayview Hunters Point Adult Day Health Center for service events. The center is dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly through fostering positive and engaging relationships with their peers and the community. uFLOW SF has dedicated time with the center to participate with seniors through activities such as arts, crafts and dance. The seniors enjoy their time with the students, whether it is by making necklaces or making greeting cards. In return, the students have benefitted greatly from learning about the history of the Bayview Area and hearing stories from the seniors. uFLOW SF has committed to visiting the center several times during the school year, and both the students and the seniors continue to have a great time!

To learn more and read other success stories, please visit us at www.uflow.org

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Help us make 2014 a year of renewal as we continue supporting youth and building communities across America.

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