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U.S. National Grid Mashup

A project of SHAREDGEO

Size 550x415 larry%20moore

Larry Moore's Original Effort to Make U.S. National Grid Understandable on Google Maps

Size 550x415 duluth

Example of How a Mashup Works - The technology to determine USNG coordinates is laid over Google Maps

Size 550x415 works%20with%20gps

U.S. National Grid and GPS Were Made for Each Other!

Size 550x415 hand%20held

Look For U.S. National Grid on Hand Held Applications!

Size 550x415 nsarccover

Since November 2011, USNG is the National Search and Rescue Committee standard for ALL land based Search and Rescue

Size 550x415 dod logo

USNG is part of the worldwide Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) used by Department of Defense for more than 60 Years

Size 550x415 national geospatial intelligence agency logo

NGA uses USNG/MGRS as the base coordinate system for all maps it produces for disaster response efforts

Size 550x415 toms location

FREE USNG maps are available for the entire U.S. at:

Size 550x415 mngeo%20usng%20maps

FREE USNG maps are available for the entire state of Minnesota at:

Size 550x415 ng grid square

The BIG BOLD NUMBERS found on map margins are the "other coordinate system" - U.S. National Grid

Size 550x415 usng

10KM USNG squares near Duluth Minnesota

Size 550x415 googleng

100KM Gird Squares of the U.S. National Grid - Twin Cities Minnesota Region

Size 550x415 15txn29753883

The U.S. National Grid Mashup Project also supports the SharedGeo USNG Emergency Location Markers project -

Update the U.S. National Grid Google Mashup and build additional versions in Bing and OpenStreetMap as funds allow.

Background: The integration of the U.S. National Grid (USNG) coordinates in online web mapping systems has only been partially implemented on a variety of web mapping pages. When not in possession of USNG standardized printed map products, one of the most difficult things to do is to take a USNG coordinate and quickly produce a basic, readable map, or visa versa: take a basic map or address and obtain a USNG coordinate. To relieve this difficulty, Larry Moore developed a web map based on the Google Maps API that incorporated USNG coordinates (

How Funds Donated Here Will Be Used: The intent of this Shared Funding Project is to upgrade Larry Moore’s orginal work to the latest version of the Google Maps API and in doing so allow for some basic enhancements that will add usability. As funds allow, similar capabilities in Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap will be implemented.

SharedGeo is an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for any donation you give.

Learn more about this project at the SharedGeo U.S. National Grid Mashup project page.

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