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"Track" Friday - Superstorm Relief Effort

Olivia, Cheryl & Robert Adinolfi 's fundraiser for FOODBANK OF MONMOUTH AND OCEAN COUNTIES INC

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Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties needs our help! Superstorm Sandy has placed so many people in need and your $1 can generate 3 meals!

Eric Rubinson, a friend and former classmate of mine from our hometown of Middletown who is also an avid marathon runner person (whatever you call those people, Marathonians?), in his altruistic mania which, consequently, makes him one of the most impressive people I'm proud to associate with, created a fundraiser called "Track Friday." Rather than run from box store to box store, trampling our neighbors in the aisles to maybe save some money on an Xbox as many of us are traditionally wont to do on "Black Friday," Eric decided to create "Track Friday" where, if he could assemble a team of donors that generated $5,000 for various charities, he would run a full marathon around our high school track at Middeltown North on the Friday after Thanksgiving...yes, 105.5 laps!

As Eric apparently has a lots of friends who share his giving spirit and tireless dedication to helping others, as of the creation of this donor page, the collective "teams" supporting this fundraiser have generated over $10,000 - doubling the original goal which means on Friday Eric will need his running shoes and plenty of carbs the night before. While this page is late to the game, when it comes to charity, the game is never really over, right?. Is $11,000 possible? $12,000? ***UPDATE - The current total is now over $16,000!!!*** As Adam is rumored to have said to Eve, "I don't know how big this thing is going to get!"

Having worked with the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in the past and seeing some solid support from the other team members, I chose that charity as well. Every $1 you donate can provide 3 meals for people in need! Razoo makes it safe and easy to donate with just a few clicks.

I'm not one to lean on friends for charity as I know we all help out different people in different ways but I couldn't let Eric's remarkable efforts which have inspired so many others to help out as well, go unnoticed by my friends in the hopes that it will inspire you too to help out! Thanks in advance! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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