Thrall Harvest

Thrall Harvest 2012

Thrall Harvest 's fundraiser for Action Against Hunger USA

Size 550x415 orange%20crush%20army%202012%20small

The complete 2012 Orange Crush Army

Size 550x415 orange%20crush%20closeup%202012%20small

Close up of the Warlocks

Size 550x415 mattsarkadius

Dr. Arkadius - Matt DiPietro

Size 550x415 sturmdrangcard

Sturm and Drang card signed by Meg Maples, DC, and Doug Seacat

Size 550x415 lord%20carver%20 %20curtiss

Lord Carver - Richard Curtiss (2012 GenCon P3 Grandmaster)

Size 550x415 megstrumndrang2

Sturm N Drang - Meg Maples (Privateer Press)

Size 550x415 chris%20oakley%202

Gun Boar - Chris Oakley

Size 550x415 chris%20oakley

Gun Boar - Chris Oakley

Size 550x415 matt%20lust

Farrow Brigands - Matthew Lust

Size 550x415 478128 374733235952570 1248696231 o

Farrow Brigand - Niek van Slagmaat

Size 550x415 boarfront

Farrow Brigand - Jon Webb

Size 550x415 boarback

Farrow Brigand - Jon Webb

Size 550x415 smogsofwar

Farrow Brigands - Chris C, Sam B, Conrad G, and Austin P (UK)

Size 550x415 rorsh%26brine 004

Rorsh - Tom Hutchings

Size 550x415 rorsh%26brine 008

Brine - Tom Hutchings

Size 550x415 rorsh%26brine 016

Rorsh & Brine - Tom Hutchings

Size 550x415 2brigandsdavidlee

Farrow Brigands - David Lee

Size 550x415 warhog%20josselin

War Hog - Josselin ʺPG Charwainʺ Moreau

Size 550x415 sam 1063

Road Hog - Adam Pitzer

Size 550x415 sam 1064

Road Hog - Adam Pitzer

Size 550x415 sam 1065

Road Hog - Adam Pitzer

Size 550x415 sam 1066

Road Hog - Adam Pitzer

Size 550x415 gudrun

Gudrun - Austin Pickles

Size 550x415 memorial%20day%20005

Farrow Brigand - CJ

Size 550x415 alten%20back

Alten Ashley - Andy Garrard

Size 550x415 alten%20front

Alten Ashley - Andy Garrard

Size 550x415 two%20brigands

Two Farrow Brigands - Kevin Wojciechowski

Size 550x415 saxon%20foodmachine%202012

Saxon Orrik - Rickard Nilsson

Size 550x415 war%20hog%202

War Hog 2 - Rickard Neilsson

Size 550x415 brigand%20leader%20 %20doug%20fazzani

Farrow Brigand Leader - Doug Fazzani

Size 550x415 converted%20war%20hog

A converted War Hog to match this year's logo! Rickard Nilsson

Size 550x415 bone%20grinder%20leader

Bone Grinder leader - Christine Cordero

Size 550x415 bone%20grinder%20grunt

Bone Grinder grunt - Alex Solomon

Size 550x415 farrow final

This page is being used to collect donations which will make the donor eligible to win the 2012 Project: Orange Crush (Hunger) army raffle.

For every dollar donated ($10 minimum), the donor receives one chance to win per dollar. (Be sure to include your name and an email when you donate so we may contact you if you win!)

The winner will be randomly selected via and announced by Privateer Press staff at Templecon 2013. The number rolled will determine which dollar is the winning one, starting with the first dollar donated to the site.

The winner will receive the Orange Crush army. It is a 50 point Tier 4 Lord Carver army painted by volunteers around the world in a orange-based scheme. Models include:

Lord Carver - Richard Curtiss, IN USA
* Gun Boar - Chris Oakley, UK
* Road Hog - Adam Pitzer, NJ USA
* War Hog - Josselin "PG Charwain" France
* Targ Leo Carson-DePasquale Privateer Press HQ
Rorsh & Brine - Tom Hutchings UK

6 Farrow Bonegrinders - The Buffalo NY gamers, USA (Christine Cordero: Unit leader, Bill Nicholes: Grunt 1, Charles Agel: Grunt 2, Dan Vander Kooy: Grunt 3, Alex Solomon: Grunt 4, Adam Vogel: Grunt 5

6 Farrow Slaughterhousers - The Buffalo NY gamers, USA (John Cleveland, Tony Emiliani, Joe Spears, Chris Swasey and Dark Forest Games)

6 Farrow Brigands - The Tanelorn club, London UK (Jon Webb: Unit Leader, Grunts: Sam Brokenshaw, Conrad Gonsalves, Austin Pickles, and Chris Cawthorne) and Niek van Slagmaat, the Netherlands

10 Farrow Brigands -
Doug "Silks" Fazzani, Cardiff UK
Grunt 1 Dave "zee" Lee NY, USA
Grunt 2 Dave "zee" Lee NY, USA
Grunt 3 Charles "CJ" Shumar VA, USA
Grunt 4 Micah Tillotson OK, USA
Grunt 5 Micah Tillotson OK, USA
Grunt 6 Matt Lust/Phil Giarratana MN, USA
Grunt 7 Matt Lust/Phil Giarratana MN, USA
Grunt 8 Kevin Wojciechowski MI, USA
Grunt 9 Kevin Wojciechowski MI, USA

Farrow Razorback Crew - Michael Stubbs NJ, USA


Arkadius - Matt DiPietro Privateer Press HQ

Sturm & Drang - Meg Maples Privateer Press HQ
PLUS, its card signed by Meg, Doug, and DC.

Gudrun the Wanderer - Austin Pickles, UK
Saxon Orrik - Rickard Nilsson, Sweden
Alten Ashley - Andy Garrard, UK
War Hog ham hock conversion - Rickard Nilsson, Sweden

(Please note that this is the set of models volunteers around the globe promised to paint for this raffle. The army that will be sent to the winner will depend on the volunteers sending their models in. Consequently some models promised may not be included in the army if they are not finished in time.)

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Reports: Guidestar

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