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I love to help charities like Camp Shriver by running marathons!In this photo:Childrens Hospital Boston NYC marathon2010

Running 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon to Help Children with Disabilities! My Goal is to raise at least $10000 by April 15, 2013 race day

Camp Shriver Is

Camp Shriver is a free, inclusive sports camp that serves an equal number of children with and without disabilities from low-income families so that all children can play, learn and interact in meaningful ways with their peers—as equals.

Our mission is to use sports as a vehicle to bring children with and without disabilities together so that they have the opportunity to develop their motor and social skills, create positive peer relationships and make new friends.

Why Camp Shriver?

Sadly, a study of Boston-area children found that children with disabilities were three times more likely to be rejected by their classmates than their peers without disabilities. A similar study, a national survey of middle school students, found that while over 90% of students would say hello in the hallways to fellow student with disability, less than 30% would invite a peer with a disability to hang out outside of school.

Camp Shriver strives to reverse this social rejection by creating an environment where children without disabilities are accepting of children with disabilities and children with disabilities have the necessary socials skills to create friendships.

Inclusive Recreational Camps Make a Difference!

For campers without disabilities, inclusive camps provide the opportunity to develop a realistic understanding of what it means to have a disability and increase peer acceptance (Brannan et al., 2000). For children with disabilities, inclusive camps improve self-esteem and social interactions (Marsh, 1999; Brannan et al., 2000), as well as enhance independence and resourcefulness (Brannan et al., 2000).

Camp Shriver will help reverse social rejection for children with disabilities by creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where 120 children every summer can learn new skills, build friendships and experience personal growth as equals.

Camp Shriver is Unique.

While recreational programs offered by schools and community agencies may accept children with disabilities, few—if any—are designed to enroll an equal number of children with and without disabilities. That is what makes Camp Shriver at UMass Boston unique. Camp Shriver brings together an equal number of children, half with and half without a disability, in an inclusive recreational environment every summer.

Camp Shriver creates an inclusive recreational environment by implementing 1) a team model that promotes equality and 2) inclusive sport instruction.

Finally, to best serve our low-income families, Camp Shriver offers free and reliable transportation, as many parents work or are unable to provide/afford transportation on their own; and nutritious breakfast and lunch, which for many parents bridges the gap in school- and state- provided meal service during the summer.


The Boston Marathon Team is Camp Shriver’s largest fundraising program and each participant in the program pledges to raise a minimum of $4,000. These funds ensure that Camp Shriver is able to serve as many children as possible each summer.

Team members are running for all of those children who are rejected by peers in the classroom and who need structured programs like Camp Shriver so they can play and learn as equals! When our runners look at a child’s smile when he has made a friend for the first time, they know that running 26.2 miles is worth it.

Visit our web page ( and watch our video below to learn more (!

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