Rae Shaw

The Repass: A dark fairy tale about a Creole girl uncovering the secrets of Haitian vodou and saving a lost spirit

Rae Shaw 's fundraiser for MEDIA ARTS CENTER SAN DIEGO

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"Where does Maman go...?"

Size 550x415  10 0217marianne

"Baron Samedi, tell me the things you know about my son."

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Effrayant seeks answers at the crossroads.

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The Baron Samedi

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A night of ritual and dance to call the spirits

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Marie outside the plantation house

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A Creole girl's nightmares

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Size 550x415 effrayant%20in%20church

Why are you crying? "Because no one can see me."

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I'm not afraid anymore... now everyone can touch you.

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I can't find maman...

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Ounsi bonsalles do not choose; they are chosen. You have been called.

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I know some things you want to know...

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Hallowed... be thy name...trespasses against us...

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A dark fairy tale in the dreams of a young Creole girl

A surreal tale of a young Creole girl who loses her brother in Hurricane Katrina, and harnesses ancestral Haitian vodou spirits to find him.


Quarterfinalist, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship

Finalist, Juntobox Films, Quarterfinalist, Austin Heart of Film Screenplay Competition

What is The Repass?

The Repass is a darkly thrilling tale of a young girl who journeys into the mysterious world of Haitian vodou to learn the fate of her baby brother lost in the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Entranced, she discovers secrets powerful enough to heal her family or shatter it for ever.

A unique narrative which draws from elements of The Sixth Sense, Alice in Wonderland, and Eve's Bayou, The Repass is a moving and lyrical story about how a young girl deals with tragedy, and finds a way to pass into her next phase of living.

Who Am I?

I am the award winning writer-director of the short film Soap and Roses, a poet and educator and we are on Razoo to raise development funds for The Repass. After working with Lionsgate, One Race FIlms and The Firm, I wanted to bring these invaluable experiences to directing and producing my first original feature film. The Repass is a thrilling film about the challenges of the human spirit, uncovering hidden truths, and celebrating our passion for living.

Why do I want to tell this story?

In this story I wanted to investigate the journey of a family that explores Haitian vodou as a healing source to a dark tragedy. In the Repass we witness the magic of Haitian vodou, a New Orleans we haven't seen before, and the faint line that delineates the dead and the living. We discover our infinite capacity to come together during the darkest of times and spread light within the world.

The Story

In this supernatural thriller seven-year-old Creole Marie must witness the turmoil that erupts between her parents, Marianne and Boden, as they desperately search for their son. The beautiful and delicate Marianne is a mother whose spiritual and personal beliefs are challenged as she tries to save her son in the wake of several tragedies, while Boden is a foreign citizen whose search through the city is halted by the politics of a community in chaos. Marie finds solace only in the mysterious silence of the cemeteries where she discovers the haunted and terrifying Effrayant. He is tormented by a fragmented memory and lost in a city of death. With nowhere else to turn Marie descends into the world of Haitian vodou where her aunt, the priestess Aunt Ynetha, and the lwa spirits of vodou, Papa Legba, Ezili Danto, and the macabre spirit Baron Samedi guide her to her own met tet (or master of her head) Damballah the snake lwa, and the answers she seeks. Using the power of voodoo spirits, culture and dance, Marie helps her brother pass out of the darkness and into the light.

What is a repass?

The repass is the New Orleans jazz funeral tradition that brings a community together to celebrate life in the face of death. It honors the passing of a life from one stage to another. This film honors this deeply spiritual and unique New Orleans tradition of renewal and renaissance 10 years after Katrina.

What About Voodoo/Vodou?

Vodou is not the same as hoodoo or voodoo but the connections between Haitian vodou and New Orleans voodoo, cannot be denied. Vodou is a holy, sacred and mysterious tradition of Haiti that evolved as a result of indian and West African slaves hiding their religions within European Catholicism. What I discovered is that Vodou is not a practice of spells, it is a religion of community, of healing. The most intense rituals of Haiti heal the darkest ills in a tradition the celebrates the crossroads between the living and the dead and our place in it.

Why Should You Contribute?

Because you believe in the power of stories to change the world for the better. This is a story about how we grieve and learn to move through our darkest hours with grace, dignity and love. Support this film because you want to see it.

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