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The Human Project: 'human' - a dance/theatre/choral/marionette/multimedia event; 'human: the documentary'; international university, high school, elementary artistic and academic residencies; working with organizations like UNESCO.

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There is only one race.

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This fundraiser provides resources for the international development with artists and academics from France, New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

Race has been the bane in human existence for a very long time. We are told that we are black, white, red, yellow, or brown and we are told to accept these classifications without examination, exploration, or retort. All based on the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, stereotypical cultural notions, and religious precepts taken out of context. With this project, we begin our retort, our refutation of the notion of 'race'. Here we reclaim our humanity and the cooperation and fellowship of all human beings.

Growing up in a very international community in Denver, Colorado, I didn't understand myself to be nor view myself as being from a 'race'. Of course, there were many people (family, friends, strangers, media, etc.) that would point out to me that I was a 'black' person. That I should feel shame, or pride, or indifference to that fact. I felt none of the afore-mentioned feelings. I just wanted to be with those people I cared about; those who cared about me, whatever the color of their skin. I sought inclusion into the only race there is truly: the human race.

I have had the great fortune to travel, working on artistic projects in Athens, London, Paris, Bogota, New York, L.A., Antwerp, Festival d'Avignon, etc., and have witnessed how the notion of race divides human beings, blinding us to our shared heritage as a human species. For me, I no longer wish to be identified and categorized by others. I don't want the color of someone's skin or the texture of their hair, their language, their customs, all the supposed differences between us, not as individual human beings, but as racial or ethnic groups, to keep us from interacting, cooperating, understanding one another in a more meaningful manner. Many of the positive principals of human cooperation and recognition are espoused by an international social movement, of which, I am a part: NegusWorld.

Science has long disproved the fallacy of race. Like the works of Dr. Ashley Montagu, the anthropologist who inspired The Human Project. And true to the artist/social activist history of 7 Stages, we continue the journey of examining the notion of race, as we present this project in a three week public development of a theatre production, a documentary, and an academic symposium. We ask you to join us in this artistic/social/academic journey.

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7 Stages is a professional, non-profit theatre company focusing on the social, political, and spiritual values of contemporary culture.

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