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Terry Rush fundraising for Running for Cover - 2013 Boston Marathon


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Team Running for Cover is running the 2013 Boston Marathon to raise funds to support MFNE's mission of education, prevention and support.

I come from a family of 7 kids and we played hard from sun up to sun down. That’s probably why I consider myself an “outdoor” person. All of that sunlight must have had a cumulative effect and not in a good way.

While training for the 2008 Florida Ironman, my wife noticed a spot on the top of my head. In retrospect, it was probably a good thing that I shaved my head because in late October 2008, approximately two weeks prior to this race, I was diagnosed with melanoma.

Having already lost both parents to cancer, I didn’t take this news lightly. Thankfully, this was discovered early and was removed successfully by the medical staff at the University of Michigan. I have had some reoccurrences of this, but with checkups every six months and a more heighten awareness, I’m optimistic for the future!

Remember the ABCs of changing moles, they may be the first signs of melanoma:

A. Asymmetry - One half of the mole is unlike the other half.

B: Border - The border of the mole is irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined.

C: Color - The mole is varied from area to another. There may be shades of tan and brown and black and sometimes even white, red or blue.

D: Diameter - The diameter of the mole is larger than 6 mm (as a rule), which is the same diameter of a pencil eraser.

E: Evolving - Ordinary moles do not change over time. A mole that changes in size, shape, color, or texture is a warning sign as is a mole that tingles, itches, burns, bleeds, oozes, or feels strange. Another warning sign for melanoma is a sore that does not heal. ANY changes to ANY moles in ANY way should be evaluated by a doctor immediately!

For the 2013 Boston Marathon® (my 11th consecutive) on Monday April 15, 2013, I will be fundraising for the Melanoma Foundation of New England.

Since its inception in 2006, Running for Cover has raised over $1 million to support MFNE. MFNE was recently named a legacy charity by the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), honoring ten years of participation in the Boston Marathon®. The Melanoma Foundation of New England (formerly Massachusetts Melanoma Foundation) is a non-profit organization with an IRS 501(c)(3) designation. All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

If you would like to make a donation by credit card, but would rather not do it online, please call the MFNE office at (978) 371-5613 and they will take your donation over the phone. MFNE accept all major credit cards, with the exception of Discover. Donations can also be made by check. Checks should be made out to The Melanoma Foundation of New England (or MFNE). Make sure you include " my name' - Boston Marathon" in the memo line.

Checks can be mailed to:

Jacquelyn Shea
Melanoma Foundation of New England
Special Events and Program Coordinator
111 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Suite 1005
Concord, MA 01742

I am thrilled to be a part of this team for the 2013 Boston Marathon. Help me cross the finish line by donating to my fundraising efforts, any and all amounts are welcomed and appreciated!

Update - March 2013:

I just resumed running this past week with an "all clear" from my orthopedic surgeon. There was some concern that I tore my meniscus (doing CrossFit). Thankfully the MRI showed no signs of any damage to my right knee. As such, I needed to get things going again and completed a long and hilly 18 miler on Sunday (3/3/13). A special thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Please note that all monies donated go straight to the Melanoma Foundation of New England. The Rush family is completely funding the trip to Boston (lodging, food, etc.) and all other Boston Marathon related costs.

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111 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner
Suite 1005 CONCORD, MA 01742

Education. Prevention. Support.

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